Single mother gets new roof thanks to Rehab Highland Park, donors, businesses

Volunteers replace Highland Park mother’s roof

Volunteers, donors, and a non-profit joined forces to replace a Highland Park mother’s roof. Now, her home will be warmer and safer this winter.

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. (FOX 2) – A single mother whose 107-year-old Highland Park home needed a new roof got the help she needed.

“No one wants to be sitting in the cold and wet – especially in Michigan weather. It’s tragic, you know. So, I’m grateful that it is all coming together and we’ll be much warmer this winter,” Eliana Evans said.

Warm and dry in their home – just in time for the holidays, all thanks to the non-profit Rehab Highland Park and all the people who donated ten thousand dollars, while local businesses did the rest.

“She really deserved this roof, that’s for sure. Right before the holidays and her and her daughter, they can enjoy it and relax and think about some other stuff besides that,” said Michael Locke with Complete Home and Building Maintenance.

Locke said this was a major job with lots of repairs. GAF donated the shingles and ABC Supply donated the rest.

“Probably materials alone probably would have been like maybe 12, 15,000 plus labor. Probably would have been looking at a good 25-30 thousand for her to get a new roof like this,” said Jeffrey Owens, with ABC.

Evans couldn’t afford that expense, but the need for a new roof couldn’t wait, which is why she’s so grateful to the businesses and donors who partnered with Rehab Highland Park to make this happen.

“It’s awesome. I’m really grateful for everyone who contributed, even the smallest donation. Everyone’s generosity is amazing, and I truly appreciate it,” she said.

Maurice Turner with Rehab Highland Park said the support is important.

“For this to kind of come together in such a quick and swift way so Eliana can have a really great Christmas here with her daughter – it means the world to us and I know the people who have supported us. It means a lot to them, too,” he said.

Turner says there is more to come.

“ABC, Complete Home Building and Maintenance are all willing to continue this work in the community, and we’re calling on more people,” Turner said.

More people are needed to be part of this movement, to help revitalize and rehab Highland Park.

“We have a future to build here and that is what we’re working on right now,” Turner said.

And they just got another volunteer.

“I’m willing to help anybody that I can since everyone has been so generous in helping me,” Evans said. 

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